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Boi Borzoi

Boi Borzoi is the debut album by boi borzoi. It was recorded and produced during 2020 and released 29.01.2021.


  1. Forecast
  2. Atmospheric Entry
  3. Blue Dunes (Album Version)
  4. Lonesome Cloudberry Picker
  5. Odd Oasis
  6. Lullaby 333
  7. Launch

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Thank you all the great musicians on the following tracks

Atmospheric Entry:
Sax: Hugo Koivikko, Additional Vocals: Katriya

Blue Dunes:
Sax: Hugo Koivikko, Drums: Tommi Wilund

Guitar: Ismo Kinnari, Guitar: Alex Helminen, Bass: Janne Torvinen, Drums: Tommi Wilund

Mastered by: Janne Hakanen (


Lonesome Cloudberry Picker

Lonesome Cloudberry Picker (2020)

Lullaby 333

Lullaby 333 (2020)

First Snow

First Snow (2019)

Blue Dunes

Blue Dunes (2019)

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